"Dear BNI Chapter, I started seeing Dr. Eric Avery, PT, DPT, because I was having pain in my right leg after running. The pain began in my calf and radiated up the back of my leg to my hip. My leg would feel sore and heavy, like I was carrying a dead weight. This had become a chronic problem for me ever since I trained for and ran a half-marathon about 5 years ago. The pain was becoming increasingly worse and I began to feel it after other activities as well including yoga, biking, hiking and even just walking. I knew I needed to see someone who could help me identify what I was doing to cause the pain and how I could alleviate it. Dr. Avery came highly recommend and I am so glad I decided to see him. After just one session with Dr. Avery, he was able to identify that my right leg was slightly shorter than my left and that I leaned to the right side when I walked. He also noted that my muscles were tight on the right side. He recommended a heel lift for my right sneaker and gave me some exercises to do to loosen the tightness in my muscles. I decided to give Dr. Avery's recommendations a try and went for a run the very next day with the lift in my sneaker. It was the first time I was able to run without pain in over 5 years. I began running again on a regular basis and have been able to begin increasing my time and distance. Following Dr. Avery's recommendations, I am also able to hike and bike without pain and the stretching exercises he gave me have improved my yoga practice. I am truly grateful everyday that I went to see Dr. Avery. It is amazing to me that pain that I lived with for years could be alleviated just by following a few simple recommendations. And what is truly remarkable is that Dr. Avery gives you the tools you need for your recovery so you can be in-charge. This is someone who puts his patients first. My only wish is that I had seen him years ago! Don't suffer in pain, just go see Dr. Eric Avery, PT, DPT!"     -- Leslie Hanft